Why SheHasAMother.com Exists

This site was created for a few reasons.

I have edited this page a ton of times… I don’t think it will ever get done… I’m trying to organize my words that you really just have to read my court documents and the files I have fought for to understand at this point. It’s all been a cluster fuck that never ends and while I have put almost it all together… there is nobody that is going to listen to it all  (court or lawyers… that has been outside any legal scope almost since it has started… this was intentionally made to never be told or believed if I dare try. I’m not even sure what I am trying to do anymore except to not give up on my daughter.

The main reason is I’ve HAD IT with the EXISTENCE of this NEVER ENDING 13 YEAR LONG BIG SECRET that has completely destroyed THIS LITTLE GIRL and a WORLD who has completely failed her and THE ONLY THAT MATTERS HAS BEEN WAYS TO HOW TO STOP HER MOTHER from EVER finding a way to tell her THE TRUTH or anyone and THERE ARE NO LIMITS.

After being silenced for 13 years watching the same with my daughter WAS the SAME WAY the same way this HAS BEEN DONE and gone on EVERY system tha EXISTS and has ALL KNOWN for the last 7 years while this little girl has been forced illegally to be kept from HER MOTHER in this big secret and EVERY possible way FOR US BOTH to stay silenced… ISN’T working anymore. There is no more room or ways to hide the secrets or keep me silenced with what I know that I was never supposed to have found out or put together and all the ways to make me not be believed or ever heard  has already all been done and repeated the same way over and over and every repeated thing that it took to get THIS DONE and ALLOWED TO CONTINUE is now being used with THEIR OWN WORDS and ACTIONS to UNDO EXACTLY WHAT THEYVE DONE. A long time ago the shift took place and it was not just the father in this to only any longer only blame. It beyond terrifying what has NEVER STOPPED REPEATING…

Im not sure what I’m doing anymore but I know I need to keep this site and come back to it when I can.

I wish it could be different for her… and for me. This should have never happened or even allowed to happen to this little girl. I love her so insanely and unconditional and miss her so painfully much. I can’t even discuss what I know she’s been through and so many unnecessary lives were destroyed in this all.